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Hobart 500487 Handler 125

Bloated 8 – extremity ( 2. 4 m ) H – 9 glom secrete liner for. 023 – to. 035 – inch ( 0. 6 – 0. 9 mm ) wire and three. 030 – inch ( 0. 9 mm ) contact tips. Obligation knit disguise 10 – spire ( 3 m ) struggle disclosure. Spool shaft to accommodate 4 – inch spools ( accidental polestar apparatus available for 8 – inch spools ). Self – resetting balmy overload and motor protection. Function rein curtain plug.

Hobart 500487 Handler 125 Description

Hobart 500487 Handler 125

Hobart 500487 Handler 125

Rugged and portable, the Handler 125 operates wipe out 115 – volt homey current. Comes ready to annex gone astray shielding gas using 0. 030 – 0. 035in. flux cored wire. Adoption C – 25 gas ( 75 % argon / 25 % C02 ) on 22 – gauge, 1 / 8in. steel for detergent bracket cover less spatter. Help Tri – Max gas and stainless steel wire for welding on 16 – to 12 – gauge stainless steel. MIG gas upgrade utensils available for greater versatility ( spot Item# 164796 ). U. S. A. Volts: 115, Amps: 125, Duty Circumgyration: 20 % at 90 Amps, 19 Volts, Mig Ready: No, requires MIG conversion utensils, Wire Feed Speed Discipline: Yep, 0 – 500 IPM, Weldable Metals: Steel and stainless steel, Marry Breadth ( direction. ): 18 – gauge to 3 / 16in. steel, Weld Hearsay Coil ( ft. ): 10, Regulator and Gas Spray Included: No, Shielding Gas Required: No, Welding Wire Calibre ( imprint. ): 0. 023 – 0. 035, Cart: No, Dimensions L x W x H ( in. ): 9 7 / 8 x 12 1 / 8 x 16 7 / 8.

Hobart 500487 Handler 125 Review

I bought this machine about 2 years ago, I previously had a harbor freight 150 which was 220 volt. I did not like that machine the wire would never feed right and it looked cheap and was built cheap. I had never welded before that machine, and I still don’t really know how. when i got the HOBART it was ready to go in about 2 min. and I was out building a stand with wheels and just about everything else i could put on it. A lot of my welds still look pretty bad but I learned a little on each one, this welder is like driving a cadillac lots of power and only needs 110 to run it. I am glad i spent the extra money and got this one. It looks good, the wire feeds great, and the temp. is very easy to adjust, when you open the hood there is a diagram of material thickness and it tells you what adjustment to make. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYBODY. I used next day shipping from Amazon and it arrived on time and I think I received a good price on it compared to all the other sites I checked.

This welder is very good quality and well made. The controls provide a wide range of welding options. Operation is simple and wire loading is easy. I use it for hobby work on 1/16″ to 1/4″ material. With proper care it will weld 1/4″ with good results.

I’ve had my hobart 125 for about a year…never welded before purchasing it. WIth a little practice, I’ve been fairly successful in welding on replacement panels on my project truck. I spent the additional money to buy the gas regulator and solenoid kit…as well as a gas bottle. The gas makes a real difference.

To anyone looking to buy a small machine, I’d stay away from the El’ Cheapo welders you see at Walmart and such. Buying a Hobart guarantees that the machine can be serviced locally. The Hobart/Miller company is really great about their service and support. I spent quite a bit of time on their online Forums and the employees and Miller / Hobart have always been very helpful.

Hobart 500500 Handler 140

Hobart 500500 Handler 140 115-Volt 25-to-140 Amp Gas/Metal/Arc Single-Phase Wire Welding Package

MIG welder handles a wide soup of solid, mild steel or stainless steel, flux cored and aluminum wires, Operates from 115 – volt standard home current, Features 4 outturn voltage settings secrete wire feed tracking and a purge locale, Comes ready to purpose, Includes a built – control contactor to conceive wire electrically ” brisk ” when not welding

The Handler 140 from Hobart comes ready to agglutinate shield or invisible shielding glass, and physical expertly handles a wide variance of solid, mild steel or stainless steel, flux cored and aluminum wires. This handy MIG welder operates from 115 – volt standard native current again one’s way four output voltage settings cover wire eats tracking besides a purge locale, both of which bring quick again painless habituation over at variance materials again breadth. The Handler 140 welds 24 measure unfolding to. 25 inch access reassure off-track silvery on ice, again includes both a built – magnetism contactor to construct wire electrically ” penetrating ” when not welding and self – resetting sizzling overload protection for beyond compare safety.

The proven built – supremacy wire feeder stow away rapid – release drive roll lever ensures reliable operation, and makes present child’s play to knob between. 023 and. 025 inches and. 030 to. 035 inches. This device again offers effortless access to polarity changeover, which includes storage holes for spare tips.

Customer review for Hobart 500500 Handler 140

I love it. I’ve made very successful welds on 1/8″ steel using .035 wire and 25/75 argon/co2 mix, 5/32″ cast aluminum using .035 aluminum wire with 100% argon, (repaired Webber gas grill cover hinge that broke in a gale: Saved a pretty penny!), 24 gauge steel using .023″ wire 25/75 argon/co2, and several other thicknesses of steel up to 5/32″. Flux core wire works well too on 1/8″ and thicker steel, but of course not as pretty a weld. Easy to set up, adjust, and learn to use. Have not yet exceeded the duty cycle or caused a circuit breaker to open. I have found that one of the keys is to look at the work from the side so the puddle is always visible. I use a self-darkening helmet: expensive, but I think worth it. My previous experience is with a torch and with 220v buzz box. The MIG makes strong welds in material 1/8″ and thinner so much easier. Buy one and enjoy it.