Discussion on Acrylic Toes: White or Color-Matched Cute Acrylic Toe Nails

acrylic toesYou’ve definitely seen a couple of photos with acrylic toes and wondering are they good enough to try? The acrylic more rigid than gel or polish pro, so is acrylic proper toe product?

Why don’t use cute acrylic toe nails?

I often hear that acrylic overlay on toes is too rigid, and the gel is more suitable. But gel is acrylic! Even long acrylic toe nails last great. Yes, they are sturdy but if the pedicure is done nice and thin, they not too rigid. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with using white acrylic toes if you know how to work thin.

cute acrylic toe nails

Vcedas 600 Pcs – cute acrylic toe nails for about $8

Any nail master have seen plenty of undergrade gel work all lumpy and thick. Neither gel nor any specific product is no magic potion for your toes. In my opinion, acrylic toes works perfectly well if the technician knows how to use it.

For example, if your little toe nails are tiny, you may overlay and tip them so they look relatively normal! The same is true for a strange shape of the toes, you can visually make them look really good!!

White acrylic toe nails

Most of white acrylic toe nails designs originate from the classic use of white color in French manicure and nail art (read also Chisel acrylic powder). From a tiny white tip of the nail the fashion came to new nail art combinations, sparkling and hand-painted designs.

white acrylic toes

72 pcs matte short white acrylic toes

White acrylic toes will look refreshing if you draw elements in lemon yellow color. When combined with white the pedicure looks fresh and original! Acrylic toes in white with mother-of-pearl shade and edging made of crystals is sure to look impressive. A bold golden glitter layer is on the white nail polish is great for showing off a good pair of trendy sandals.

Creamy white acrylic toes, decorated with metallic zigzags create contrast between French pedicure and the strong graphic design to look extraordinary air. This style is beautiful in its natural simplicity for women of all ages.

white acrylic toe nails

Sethexy white acrylic toe nails

Retro designs include bright arcs on a white acrylic toe nails. Colorful droplets and splashes help to draw everyone’s attention and stand out of the crowd.

A frosted white colors wear a LOT better, as you wear out your nail polish pretty quickly playing beach volleyball, in the pool, etc. Dull or Chipped frosted acrylic toes look a lot better than non-frosted colours, and don’t show patch jobs as much.

Acrylic on big toe

Until Shellac became popular, I wore an acrylic overlay on my big toes for ten years. And in my opinion the were not too thick, definitely they were not like trotters, and were absolutely perfect, no one could tell I had an acrylic.

acrylic on big toe

SIUSIO 240 pcs acrylic on big toe

Acrylics on big toes are one of the most popular service in pedicure. It also helps when the two big toes do not look the same. With acrylic overlay they will look the same and create a great overall look of the toenails and feet.

With acrylic on big toe smudging or chipping will happen less frequently. The process of applying is relatively quick and you can completely cover the insecurities you stress over about your feet.

Acrylic toe nails can be very nicely done but you don’t have to get them too long but just so that they look natural. Toenails may break a lot on summer and to keep your pedicure looking nice you can apply tips so they look nice and you will be surprised at how many ladies have acrylic on their big toes.

Acrylic overlay on toes: disadvantages

Long acrylic on your toes are more prone to brake if you kick something accidentally. Natural sized nails don’t need a excessive attention. I think, you shouldn’t blame an acrylic for a broken toe nail when what broke it was bashing it so hard in the first place. If you do similar hit to a natural fingernail it can do the same thing. Moreover, I have known many cases where an acrylic overlay SAVED the nail underneath from much worse damage.

96 Full Cover Toenails

96 Full Cover Toenails

In my opinion, accidents are accidents. I don’t think that many women will refuse to have their nails done on the “accident” that they can hook the nail backwards and break it badly.  All nail lovers put up with some risk.

And I should say, in about ten years I wear acrylic overlays on big toes I have never yet had a serious breakage. So what exactly is to blame here, the overlay or the awkward person who hits her toes?

Long acrylic toe nails

long acrylic toe nails

KISS French Kit – long acrylic toe nails

The first time I saw long acrylic toe nails was in a wedding where some of the fellow bridesmaids had really long french pedicures. The girls were surprised and couldn’t stop talking about it. Sometimes I see long white toenails in an office setting.  The Asian nail techs often make long toenails or acrylic on the big toe. I have also seen people where they leave a small bit of length to even the nail bed, and I even see it when I am looking at shoe catalogues.

Nail lovers are posting photos of their best long pedicures here and there – all colors, varying shapes and lengths.

Acrylic on toenails requires less attention than acrylic on the fingernails. The toenails grow much slower than fingernails and correction aren’t needed as often. Longer toenails are a style trend many girls are getting on board with!

Acrylic toes: conclusions

Acrylic toes made by a good nail technician DOES NOT look like trotters! Yes, shellac and gel are good, by I cannot remember when acrylic toes would let me down. With all the advances in gel colours and polishes, twinkle toes, etc I think it is just a personal choice or opinion.

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