Chisel acrylic powder: dipping and monomer systems for color, french and ombre nails

chisel dipping powder color chart Choosing a powder brand for acrylic nails is an important problem for beginner master. After the exciting journey learning your nail courses there’s plenty to choose from. Moreover, the best nails technicians are learning and making research everyday to keep up to date with new products. Today we will discuss Chisel acrylic powder to give you a few ideas where to start. Chisel dipping powder is a great product, easy to apply even for a beginner, well-covering and long lasting powder with a great color palette.

Chisel acrylic powder

Chisel Nail Art company has developed their dipping powders in 2017 with an ombre line. Today chisel nail powders are creative way to enhance, decorate, paint, create embellishments and make a nail art service done to perfection. Their products are two-in-one and can be used in both dipping powder and liquid monomer systems. The powders are odor-free and packed with vitamins & nutrients promoting healthy natural nails.

chisel acrylic powder

Chisel acrylic powder – create your own ombre collection

Chisel acrylic powders a 3D nail art products with little stamps of various designs and colours. They are pretty easy to put on the nails, 100% safe and doesn’t chip off. The powders come in a variety of sizes and styles with a stamps set in each pack.

Activators and bonders help the Chisel acrylic powder stick to nails. They smoothen the surface and protect nails from harmful agents by coating them evenly. The liquids are applied on clean nails with a brush that is usually attached to the lid with a wand to make the process more convenient and efficient.

Chisel dipping powder

Chisel dipping powder helps to create a lightweight, but durable and long-lasting nails with great color. The product is flexible like gel and strong like acrylic, it is also resistant to cracking and chipping. Chisel nail dip powder contains calcium and vitamins to help the natural nails of your clients. The brand is well-known and presented on almost every salon’s shelves.

chisel dipping powder

Chisel dipping powder – NEON collection

The color palette has nearly 200 shades to fulfill all your expectations. From glitter to candy, neon to glow, you may create a collection to suit your needs. Dipping powder is a nice acrylic free base that comes in glittery, matte and glossy types to choose one that any client like. The product can be applied on the nails with glue and brush or have the nails dipped into powder. This helps to create your nail job for a longer time.

Color chisel powder


Applying color chisel powder is made in next steps:

  • Wash the hands, push back cuticles, dead skin and remove shine
  • Apply the bond near the cuticle area and entire nail
  • Cover the nail with base on 3/5 of the length, dip it into clear dipping powder under 45° angle, remove excess powder
chisel nail art dipping powder

Cover 3/5 of the nail length with base and dip it into clear chisel nail art dipping powder

  • Apply next base layer to 4/5 of the nail, it into color dip powder

chisel nail powder colors

  • Cover with a base all the nail, dip it into color again
  • Use activator
  • Shape the nails with a file, smooth the surface
chisel nail dip powder

After applying Chisel nail dip powder shape the nail with a file

  • Wash the hands and dry them
  • Apply Activator
  • Apply coats: first one fast, the second – slowly and smoothly to cover all surface and edges
  • Let it dry.

Chisel powder edgers

Chisel powder edgers are 8-in-one art tool you can use to create infinite nail designs. The product can be used with 3-in-1 colored acrylic sculpting and dippin powders. The diameter is about 3″, made of plastic.

Chisel nail powder slant edger

Chisel nail powder slant edger

Chisel nail powder wave edger

Chisel nail powder wave edger

chisel powder stairway edger

Chisel powder stairway edger

The tool helps nail artists create great designs with accurate edges.

Chisel edgers are a wheel with numbers from smallest to biggest.

All you need is to apply an acrylic, wait for some time press the edger and pool it towards you to remove excess material. If the result isn’t perfect, scrape up extra acrylic with a brush pen. There is no need to clean the nail completely, because you’ll cover it with another color.


All you need to do is apply acrylic, wait a while, press down the edger and pull it towards you to remove excess material. If the result is not perfect, scrape off excess acrylic with a brush. It is not necessary to completely clean the nail because you will cover it with a different color.

Product Shelf life

Most acrylic powder manufacturers claim a shelf life of about a year from the opening time.  The monomer should be used within 12 months of opening, yes. But I think, you can use powders longer. A lot of us have many different colours/glitters, for which we use a small amount of in comparison to the amount of monomer we may use. So In my opinion, we don’t have to replace all the powders every year. This is not food or medicine, in my practice there was not a single problem caused by the use of the powder over 12 months old.


With a Chisel nail art dipping powder you are able to create colorful and bright nail art designs. The 2in1 powder can be used as dip system with dip powder liquids and as acrylic with monomer. Once you use Chisel nail dip powder, you will find that it leaves a natural shine and feel. Great choice, my recommendations! (read also acrylic toes article).

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