Best acrylic powder: finest clear, white, colored and glitter powder review

Why do you need it

Even for experienced master using best acrylic powder is a key to success. You can find colored acrylic powder for cheap, but the quality usually isn’t good enough. I’ve used China clear acrylic powder when I first started, it wasn’t terrific but workable. There are a variety of chemicals in monomer and powder systems, and often a small difference in ingredients makes the difference. Products from different brands may look and even smell the same, but the results will differ in appearance and quality. It also affects the setup time, ratio and longevity of the finished nail. Read our post and we’ll help you to choose the best acrylic nail powder on the market.

Best clear acrylic powder

Clear acrylic powder gives a smoother surface to nails, creates a natural and healthy look and may serve serve as the basis for elegant French manicure. The monomer (acrylic liquid) reacts with the polymer powder to coat the nails. Best clear acrylic powder should form with a monomer an easily spreadable combination.

Karlash Professional powder & liquid kit is one of the best clear acrylic nail powder you can find. This system is self leveling, has great application and it is very easy to use. Many of my fellow manicure masters note the excellent quality of the kit and never buy another brand.

best clear acrylic powder

Karlash Professional kit – best clear acrylic powder

Karlash products are made in USA and the delivery is lighting fast. The result is as clear as any acrylic can get. Monomer dries nice and quickly and forms nails with amazing look! The sculpting speed is a little bit quicker than medium, so if it sets too quickly, just add a bit more monomer. The smell is strong similar to other brands, though it has a slight sweetness that makes it a little more bearable. Use it in a well ventilated area or near the open windows.

The nails are strong and have no signs of breakage for a long time. You and your clients won’t have any issues with peeling up like it sometimes happens with other brands. Good thing is there are no air bubbles! The only thing I wish the monomer was in a larger bottle.

Karlash Professional kit is one of the best clear acrylic powder and monomer, it’s a quality kit, great for professionals and beginners. Yes, they have competition, but in my opinion this is the most tough and nice looking acrylic on the market.

Best colored acrylic powder

To stay competitive, your nail service have to be beautiful in the most stunning way. For creating beautiful nail design you need the best colored acrylic powders, with the optimum  strength, color clarity, non-bubbling and non-yellowing consistency.

Warm pastels are good for all seasons, to create seductively edgy and deep look you need shades of red, black, purple and more. A touch of sparkle and bright neon colored acrylic nail powder will stop traffic and your competition with one glance! We’ve chosen the best colors and manufacturers you need!

Young Nails colored acrylic powder and Mani-Q colors

Young Nails is one of the best acrylic powder & monomer, their protein bond is also nice. This manufacturer makes products worth the price and they really work the best together. For example, Glam N Glitz system comes in beautiful colors, but it’s not an easy to work especially as a beginner.

young nails acrylic powder

Young Nails acrylic powder cover

Young Nails colored acrylic powder comes in four different sizes and nineteen different styles to exactly meet needs of nail enhancements professional. With YN you’ll get flawless results without becoming too spotty and harden too fast. The swatch is smooth and easy, the colors are absolutely stunning.

yn acrylic powder

YN acrylic powder – color palette for cover powder

All the products of the Young Nails system: finish gel sealer, cover powder,  colored acrylic nail powder, Protein Bond, and especially Liquid Art Monomer drops are top notch. The results are absolutely amazing. You put a few color drops in the monomer and use it with clear powder. The nails will look like stained glass!

best color acrylic powder

Young Nails Mani-Q Color – convenient way to make best color acrylic powder

YN acrylic powder is not the only product you need to look out for. Young Nails Synergy Build gel, is the best on the market. The gel self levels at just the rate you need and you have to do very little finish filing.

All in all, Young Nails acrylic powder systems are great product with low odor, self-leveling, great consistency and wonderful adhesion. Optical color stabilizers and brighteners help to achieve color stability and prevent yellowing. YN is a best color acrylic powder system both for beginners and professionals.

Glow in the dark acrylic powder

Glow in the dark nails are a great idea to to upgrade your style for a night party. It has quickly grown in popularity and was of the top and loving nail trends for a some time. And considering the infinite number of glow-in-the-dark nail designs in Instagram, the trend shows no signs of slowing down. With glowing effect you can enjoy your pretty nails while you are dancing.

glow in the dark acrylic powder

Saviland 10 Colors glow in the dark acrylic powder

Glow in the dark acrylic powder offer an element of surprise which cannot be obtained with any other manicure. Glowing nails are sure to be a hit with whomever you happen to be spending time. And you can try different colors to see if the trend is a good fit for you.

The glow can be accompanied by jewels to accentuate the luminosity of the design. Using glitter and crystals can make a design that would turn many heads. And you can never have too much glitter on glowing acrylic nails.

Glitter acrylic powder

Everyone was in awe of the new glitter nail art. At least once. Yes, the it is “more for grown-ups”, but it will surely give your hands an unmatched wow factor. Either way, glitter acrylic powder will always have a place in our Instagram feed and in our hearts.

glitter acrylic powder

Teenitor Fine glitter acrylic powder

Glitter is especially popular around the holidays but they can absolutely be worn all year-round. You can create surprisingly sophisticated designs with a quality glitter acrylic powder. A little sparkle makes a good accent to glam up an otherwise dull manicure, and takes your nails to the next level.


Teenitor Glitter are fine (A- and B-sized) varying sizes hexagon and glitter powder for nails and comes in sixteen colors including: Copper, Black, Orange, Yellow, Sapphire Blue,Lavender, Malachite Green, Aqua-Blue, Rose, Silver, Peal White, Gold, Gold Green, Violet, Deep Bronze and Wine Red. Nail Glitter works well on top of a nail and may be mixed with acrylic powder.

With this set you can easily create an extra edge to the nails design and brighten up dull moments. Glitters are a good choice for the holidays, especially in winter time like the Christmas, New Year and more.

Nude acrylic powder

Going with a classic nude nail color doesn’t necessarily put us at the edge of our seats in anticipation. Nevertheless, it doesn’t get more “fancy lady” than nude nails – neutral nails instantly communicate both sophistication and polish. Nude nail polish is also a practical investment; virtually anything you wear will match a milky manicure to top it off.

nude acrylic powder

Mia Secret nude acrylic powder

Great choice here is Enjoy a Nude Collection of 6 colors made by Mia secret. The powder lays very smoothly and gives you plenty of time to work before it drys.  The set comes in small jars, making it great for little salon which don’t make many dips, but need a good color palette.

Mia Secret powders can be used both with monomer and as a part of a dipping system and create beautiful, almost perfect results. The colors are great and matches common skin tones. The powders are highly pigmented and poured like silk. The set is a great choice for doing french or ombrés. You may also mix, for example, nude and perfect tan together to get a more natural looking flesh tone.

White acrylic powder

A neutral nail shades can’t be topped, they work during all seasons and on all skin tones and white is the ultimate neutral move, it will never look boring on nails. White acrylic powder is incredibly wearable and super flattering on everyone, but not all white shades are the same.

Milky white acrylic powder

With milky white acrylic powder you can create ideal middle point between a sheer white  and an opaque white manicure. It is a semi-opaque shade with a slightly translucent feel. It may remind you skim milk color, it almost looks a bit watered-down.

milky white acrylic powder

Glam and Glits milky white acrylic powder

Good example of milky white acrylic powder is Glam And Glits Milky White product. It is acrylic and dip powder. It doesn’t need a specific monomer, I’ve used it at least with two different monomers and it’s works fine. The color perfect for “milk bath “ looks. It’s a little bit harder to get used to. Glam And Glits colors are a little more grainy when shaping. But the color is solid and comes out great!

The powder also blends good with other colors and results look and covers beautiful. The only con is the price, and it’s only 2 oz.

Soft white acrylic powder

Soft white is slightly less stark than crisp white and feels more like a soft marshmallowy color. This is one of the most popular colors, it’s a timeless pick for classic French tips or for a sophisticated, soft white manicure. A top coat adds a high-shine finish to enhance the super-clean look. Three coats give the perfect opaque, soft white finish.

soft white acrylic powder

NSI Attraction – soft white acrylic powder

The NSI soft white powder is the best soft white acrylic powder for the tips. I found that CND powder is slightly worse, NSI never lifts and had more clarity. NSI products are really good, but you shouldn’t use the powder with a liquid made by another brand.

Tips and tricks

Before applying your powder, be sure to properly prepare the nail surface by cleaning and wiping it with acetone. Buff the nail and apply bond and primer to prevent lifting after application. Roll the jar to disperse the material properly. Dip a brush into the monomer and gently lay the tip into the surface of the powder to apply to the nail for a single bead application. When applying the acrylic, tap it into the nail with the body of the brush and you can dip into monomer, during application to increase pliability. Allow the powder to dry completely until tapping the end of the brush on the nail will make a slight clicking sound.
Hand file the sides and go in with an e-file to smooth out the nail. Apply a polish top coat over your color acrylic.

Each powder forms from the reaction with the monomer liquid. The liquids have small chemical parts that react with the chemicals in the powder when they’re mixed.

Removing the acrylic can be done a number of ways. Most common ways are e-filing the color  layer down to the acrylic and rebuilding the nail or remove it with warm acetone. Warm the acetone with a hot water, but do not put it near direct heat and don’t microwave.


Acrylic has been a staple in many nail salons for years and there is no problem to find professionally formulated products that will help you to take your work to the next level. We’ve discussed here quite a few different types of powders on the market today with a wide variety of glitter, color, mood effect, shimmer and glow. Most of them can be used blended together or by themselves to create a wide variety of different looks.

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