SIMPSON PS3228-S Review – 3300 PSI Pressure Washer (2021)


Whether you are starting a local business or just want to choose a pressure washer, you have selected the right article. Read our SIMPSON 3300 PSI Pressure Washer Review to find out its advantages, disadvantages, details and performance characteristics such as pump diagram, etc. so that your investment will pay off.

The washer easily removes unsightly blemishes on concrete and cleans a patio. 25-foot hose is enough to get up on the roof and wash away the debris. Detergent function helps to cleaned home properly, The best part about is, of course cleaning a fleet, SIMPSON PS3228-S does the job with ease.

Simpson PS3228-S is an assembled in US 3200 PSI @ 2.8 GPM pressure washer powered by Honda motor with AAA triplex pump. This is a gas engine powered model, it is EPA-approved and compliant with California (and every state across the USA) emission laws. Not all gas powered pressure washers are CARB compliant, take it into account.

PS3228-S has more than enough power for general cleaning duties. The hose is wear resistant and abrasion proof, threaded fittings safely hold parts together whatever nozzle you use. SIMPSON 3300 PSI Pressure Washer can run continuously for hours without overheating and any unpleasant incidents.

The throttle can be set low to decrease pressure, along with switching to a 40 degree nozzle, and increasing the distance between gun and surface. You can turn the washer down to 1600PSI to clean your house, it is much more safe than full pressure.

Safety of operation is provided with a thermal relief valve to prevent pump damage), a trigger lock which prevents accidental operation, and a low oil protection for engine.

SIMPSON 3300 PSI Pressure Washer – What you should know?

Both the the triplex pump and a motor are commercial grade and it’s listed on the commercial section of the Simpson site. But take into account, that no gasoline items are legally allowed for return. Therefore, check and recheck the model number and the integrity of the power washer when receiving.

The SIMPSON 3300 PSI Pressure Washer comes with 5 different nozzles. The 0-degree nozzle extracts as much power as possible to remove graffiti, strip paint from metal and wood and for deep-cleaning carpets, thick tarpaulins, etc. 40°, 25°, 15° nozzles are milder power and are used for quick cleaning of unstable dirt, dust, debris . The soap nozzle effectively dispenses detergent to washing your car and house.

Be careful with aggressive chemicals. For example, chlorax may damage the machine seals and gaskets in the pump. It’s not recommended to use harsh bleach.

The device comes without a soap tank, detergent supply is performed by a siphon hose with an automatic soap dilution feature, which dilutes the soap with a 7:1 ratio. The detergent is added automatically when a soap nozzle is attached.

SIMPSON PS3228 Parts and Specifications


1 – base
2 – handle rear
2.1 – handle, rear
2.2 – holder
2.3 plate
2.4 screw
3 – engine, honda gx200
4 – key, shaft
5 – pump
5.1 – pump, horizontal 3200psi
5.2 – cap, vinyl cover
5.3 bolt
5.4 washer, split lock
6 – wheel
7 – foot kit
8 – hardware kit, handle mounting
9 – hardware kit, engine mount
10 – hardware, kit for pump mount
11 – nozzle set
12 – handle grip


PSI Pressure Rating: 3,300
Water consumption 2.5 GPM
Nozzles Included: Five spray tips
Tips characteristics Soap, 40° (Concrete, brick, masonry, siding, gutters, house, fencing, deck, patio), 25°(with caution: siding, gutters, house), 15°(concrete, brick, masonry), 0° (with caution: concrete, brick, masonry)
Hose Length (ft.): 25’ x 5/16” high pressure polyurethane wear resistant hose
Warranty: Three year Honda limited warranty,  two year limited pump warranty, one year manufacturer’s limited warranty, 90 days on gun, hose, lance, nozzles and all other wear items
Wheels: Four-ply pneumatic 10″ rubber wheels can handle rough terrain
Start Type: Recoil
Fuel Capacity (gal.): 0.825
Recommended Engine Oil: SAE 10W-30
Engine Oil Capacity (oz.): 20.16
SIMPSON PS3228-S Parts 3,300 PSI power unit, handle, spray gun, spray wand, high pressure hose, 5 cleaning nozzles, detergent hose with filter, engine oil, nozzle cleaning tool, operator’s manual, engine manual, quick set-up guide
Engine Honda® 196 CC
Pump Type: AAA™ Industrial Triplex Plunger Pump
Assembled Weight: 85 lbs.

SIMPSON Washer Pump Diagram

SIMPSON Washer Pump Diagram

SIMPSON Washer Pump Diagram – read full parts list here

The washer comes with horizontal 3/4″ triplex hollow shaft “PowerBoost” pump

  • Pressure – 3300 psi
  • Water flow – 2.5 gpm
  • RPM – 3450

The pump has SAE gas flange

  • Input for female garden hose
  • Output: accepts female screw connect, 22mm / 14mm male


  • Built in adjustable unloader valve
  • Thermal relief valve
  • Built-in chemical injector aluminum head

Pros of the washer

  • The Simpson PS3228 pressure washer has great 3200 PSI pressure and quite big water output of 2.5 gallons per minute. Most of electrically powered washer for homeowners are limited to about 2000 PSI and less than 2 gpm.
  • Honda engines are very reliable and much quieter than most of gas ones.
  • 25 foot anti kink hose made of expensive materials. And believe me, high quality hose is very important when it comes to pressure washers
  • The GX200 5.5 hp motor has pretty low oil shut off, separate fuel/choke controls and a big enough 3.3 qt gas tank. Industrial triplex plunger pump is equipped with ceramic pistons and a thermal relief valve and to lasts for years of trouble free service. A sight gauge on a pump helps to  keep tabs on the oil level.
  • The weight of the SIMPSON PS3228-S is about 85 lb, so most likely you are able to lift the unit by yourself in and out of the van. The work is pretty quiet, even at full throttle and this allows to get started earlier in the day.
  • The washer is compact enough to store in a small garage

PS3228-S Cons

  • For professional tasks 25 feet hose is not long enough and you’ll be moving the unit all the time.  You can pay about $80 for Simpson 50 foot hose.
  • The washer use professional grade ceramic piston Triplex pump. It is high quality and very efficient machine with great output in pressure and water flow. It should work for years and has two year warranty. But it is really expensive, so possibly in a 5-7 years of home use you’ll decide to buy new washer instead of spare pump.
  • The reversible handle is a bit low, if you plan to use it for a long period of time, moving it around might be hard on your back.
  • The vibration sometimes causes the nozzles to fall off the holders, check them from time to time
  • This is a rather expensive machine.


All in all, gas pressure washer is a durable, portable and powerful machine for the money and I would recommend it to others for purchase. Though it’s average in price on the gas washer market, you can choose a cheaper option with slightly worse reliability, pressure and water flow rates if extra $100 plays a big role.

May be, electrical washer is good enough for your needs. Although electric washers are lighter and quieter, they are limited by the current source and the length of the power cord. Also you need to remember, that long cable cuts voltage and unit power. Nevertheless, if you only use the device at home, choosing an electric washer with sufficient power makes sense.

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