Ivation Pressure Washer IVA 9175L

Ivation Pressure Washer IVA 9175L

When I was choosing my electric pressure washer, of course I’ve tried searching the forums and Google but only found a lot of guesses and bickering. So I think, this article will help you get more information to make a right decision. And though it is an Ivation pressure washer review, you’ll find useful tips and advices in choosing electric or gasoline-powered one (for example, Simpson PS3228-S 3300 PSI pressure washer). We’ll also discuss Ivation troubleshooting, you’ll find here it’s manual and spare parts review, including washer turbo wand.


The Ivation IVA 9175l pressure washer is a machine for home use, intended to cleaning cars, RVs, boats, decks, etc. The washer pump is powered by 1800W brush motor and delivers 2200PSI at 1.8GPM. The maximum pressure allows you to clean siding up to second story. And this is more than enough for the foam cannon, it works amazing.

Iva 9175L – contents of delivery

Iva 9175L pressure washer comes with five interchangeable quick-connect nozzles: 40°, 25°, 15°, 0 degree and a foam nozzle. An onboard nozzle storage is convenient to store the attachments. By changing among the available nozzles you can concentrate the flow to a narrower stream with more pressure or wider with less concentrated water flow. Soaping nozzle applies detergents over a much wider area. High pressure nozzles remove most of the mold stain from vinyl siding and brick.

The cord is approx 30 ft and it provides a good movement range for this compact and lightweight unit. It is two prong and has a polarized plug with something like a GFI switch.

There are also a gun handle, a spray wand, and a turbo wand. The soap dispenser is a built in module and trust me, you’ll surely meet the times when you need detergents to combat stains and dirt.

High pressure hose connects to the front of unit with a large knurled knob. The other end goes the the wand and has a metal nipple

The brush motor only runs when the trigger is pulled and stops as soon as you release the trigger.

Bonus Turbo Spray Wand

Ivation pressure Washer Wand

Ivation pressure Washer Wand, hose and rear basket

The turbo spray wand is very useful for vehicle undercarriage and other hard to reach areas. This wand provides ideal maneuverability. If you need to change the gun, the “Tool Daily Deluxe Washer Gun, with Replacement Wand Extension“. The high pressure hose is interchangeable with the “YAMATIC Kink-Free Pressure Washer Hose.” You should consider, that the hose by Ivation only works with the Ivation gun, and may be (I’m not sure) with the Greenworks gun with the female end.

Ivation pressure Washer Manual and Troubleshooting


You can download Ivation pressure Washer Manual in pdf format here.

ivation pressure washwer manual


Pump does not reach working pressureWater filter fouledClean it
Nozzle wornReplace the nozzle
Low water supply pressure Turn on the water supply tap fully
Air into systemCheck the connection of hose fittings
Air in PumpSwitch off the appliance and keep depressing and releasing the gun trigger until the water comes out in a steady flow. Switch the appliance back on again
Adjustable nozzle not positioned correctlyTurn the adjustable nozzle
Thermostatic valve trippedWait for correct water temperature to be restored
Pressure drops during useWater intake from external tankConnect appliance to the mains water supply
Intake water too hotReduce temperature
Nozzle cloggedClean nozzle
O-ring to one-way valve brokenReplace the broken component
Intake filter dirtyClean filter
Motor “sounds” but fails to startInsufficient power supplyCheck that the voltage of the mains power supply line is the same as that on the plate
Voltage loss due to use of extension cableCheck characteristics of extension cable
Appliance not used for long period of timeContact your nearest Authorized
Service Center
Problems with TSS deviceContact your nearest Authorized Service Center
Water leakageSeals wornHave the seals replaced at your nearest Authorized Service Center
Safety valve tripped and dischargingContact an Authorized Service Center
Appliance noisyWater too hotReduce temperature (see technical data)

Ivation troubleshooting


Clearly, if you are looking for a compact, easy to operate electric power washer that offers a good performance for various home cleaning tasks, then this product may be for you.

All in all, the “Ivation” is nothing more than a trade brand for a Chinese product.

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