Choosing the best indoor grill: best charcoal and propane BBQ units [2021]

I like grilling, and for this purpose I have charcoal Weber 741001 device. It’s quite satisfying, inexpensive and definitely worth every penny. I also have propane Char-Broil Classic 405 but use it not so often. The only disadvantage of these grills are troubles of grilling outdoors in winter. I’ve spent a lot of time choosing an alternative and for me the best choice is an indoor charcoal grill. Read our article to choose the best product for you.

Indoor Charcoal Grill

indoor charcoal grill

Portable indoor charcoal grill – TASTILLY

In my taste, charcoal provides flavor that neither gas nor electric grill cannot. Many of my friends like using propane because it is more convenient for them. I understand the reasoning, but placing coals into the chimney and taking care of it for 20 minutes is worth the results. Depending on charcoal, the grill can heat up to 600F degrees. Electrical ones work at 350-450F. Even gas grills heat up less. It’s not a big deal for chicken or burgers, but you won’t get a perfect sear plus a perfect medium rare on a steak.

When using charcoal grill in the kitchen you need to consider that Charcoal consumes oxygen at a high rate and shunts carbon dioxide into the living space. You need a lot of fan extraction, a natural flow is not enough to completely exhaust the fumes and gas coming off the charcoal.

Best Indoor Korean BBQ Grill

We all used to go to Korean restaurants and saw rooms with a grills built into the tables. It’s a nice thing to sit around and grill small cuts of the raw meat. Especially for the kids. They really enjoy the cooking experience and experimenting with different meat and spice combinations.

Indoor Korean BBQ Grill

Indoor Korean BBQ Grill – Grashal charcoal unit

Now you can purchase Indoor Korean BBQ Grill. It usually comes in three parts. The bottom also serves as an ash pan, a charcoal grate and the top to place meat or vegetables. All you need is to lit up some coals, chop the meat and pour some oil and sauces into bowls like they are served at the restaurant. A butcher block under the grill will protect the table and you’ll avoid burn marks.

We use indoor grill to cook Lao sukiyaki when we have relatives over sometimes. You can pour soup into the outside area and cook vegetables and noodles to eat with the grilled items.

The top grill area is convenient to grill seafood, marinated beef etc. A slice of two of pork belly fat on acts as a cooking fat and helps to keep the food from sticking to the grill so bad. Nevertheless, when choosing the Korean indoor grill, try to find  the product with non-stick top, because they are are a pain to clean. It will be a little easier if you soak them afterwards.

Indoor hibachi grill for home

With a hibachi type grill, you need to learn a little. If the amount of charcoal is too large, the food heats up too quickly and the inside does not cook enough. Some Japanese hibachi have racks for raising the grate. You can control coals amount and use the draft door to regulate the heat. The grate is often made of cast iron, and the body of the grill is designed to draft heat upwards and saves charcoal.

Indoor hibachi grill for home

Indoor hibachi grill for home – Portable Barbecue Stove

Traditional hibachi were designed to heat space and were often cast iron designed to radiate heat around. An indoor hibachi grill for home force heat is ideal for cooking thin meat pieces very quickly. Take a think piece of ribeye, 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick and place it on the grill with a fully lit charcoal load and you can get a medium rare center and crisp edge texture. This is where these units really shine!

Best indoor hibachi grill

Best indoor hibachi grill – cast iron BBQ with an air regulating door


Indoor propane grill

Propane grills are pretty widespread, and I don’t mind grilling with a portable gas grill. Of course, the meat doesn’t taste the same, but it is great nonetheless. And they are lighter, easier in setup and cleanup. They are simply amazing for the convenience and size.

Indoor propane grill

Indoor propane grill – NOMADIQ unit

Nomadiq is a great compact propane grill, you can run either the right side or the left one at a time. Vegetables and meat, kabobs and burgers are great with it. The size is great for tight places, the unit folds away and stores perfectly in a storage container or on a shelf.


Good ventilation is essential to using a home charcoal grill. Coal consumes oxygen and emits carbon dioxide. Nevertheless, people used to cook indoors, over a fire or coals. Using grill indoors by placing it in the fireplace is completely safe. If you put the unit on a gas stove and turn on the ventilation, it will be good. With fattier meats, you MAY also get some “flare ups” from fat burning. Be prepared and don’t panic.

Also, similar to any grill, be prepared to deal with a fire, prepare a plan so if something happen, you can stay calm and deal with it. All kitchens should have a fire extinguisher, and know how to use and to maintain it.


Nothing beats the taste and smell of grilled meat and vegetables. And if you want to get it at any time of the year and with your friends, indoor units are your choice. Choose the best product and use it safely.

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