Best PS5 wall mount: Playstation console, controller and headset holders

PlayStation 5 is a massive console and generates a lot of heat, so wall mounting is a perfect solution. Finding a good PS5 wall mount was pretty tough for me mostly due to the unconventional shape of the unit.

I saw one that was mounted a plate to the wall and it had straps that held the PS to the mount. Floating metal or glass shelves that you can mount to the wall are better in my opinion, but again, no guarantees. In this post I will share my experience and help you to choose a comfortable, reliable and nice-looking PS5 controller phone mount, PS5 controller and camera wall mount.

PS5 Wall Mount

If the console doesn’t fit into your gaming setup, it wouldn’t be an issue if you mount the PS5 to your wall. The wall mount allows you to hang your Playstation and don’t worry about clearing the room under your TV. PS5 wall mount also allows 360° air ventilation flow and easy access to all ports.

ps5 wall mount

PS5 wall mount by HIDEit

HIDEit PS5 wall mount is works with both Playstation Digital and Disc editions, designed specifically for these models and uses dedicated secure mounting mechanism by Sony to be assured the console is safe! Special cutouts allow maximum airflow and full access to disc drives and ports.  The install doesn’t necessary require drill and stud mounting is optional.

The PlayStation 5 on the mount has amazing free floating look and can be installed anywhere around your TV. The system can be easily removed from the PS5 wall mount, you just have to unscrew the security fastening and slide the console out. The unit is made of pretty tough metal. For the best results try to mount  the hold into a stud, if possible. Instructions are easy enough to fasten everything within 15 min.

The only minor issue this mount is that with only 1 screw holding the bottom there is a slight ‘swivel’. It isn’t a huge issue, but the console should be installed vertically, since the base screw is on the bottom of the mount and wouldn’t be reliable enough if installed horizontally. Nevertheless, I haven’t seen a better one around, it is the best product on the market.

Nevertheless, if you need to try another design, look at Topalty Hanger. It is a tough mount made from durable iron, designed specifically for the PS5 and it fits the exact dimensions of the console. The unit is in fact a durable shelf with a wide base on the bottom and most of the top  and side areas remain unobstructed to ensure good ventilation and ports availability. The bottom also has a long opening for extra air flow.

playstation mount

Topaty playstation mount

The console is not directly fixed to the bracket, so you can also easily remove the unit from the mount by lifting it out. The mount is super easy to install, it is durable for weight and perfectly sized for your PS5.

PS5 Controller Wall Mount

Wall Mounts usually come with a controller hanger, for example, HIDEit has one (and Topalty comes without it). But if you have two or more, you need to purchase additional holders to meet all needs. Wall mounts are the perfect way to manage devices and cables and keep them organized. In my experience, mounting the console higher up makes tracing cords easier.

Best example of convenient and reliable PS5 Controller Wall Mount is Ovivo holder. It comes with adhesive and screws to be wall mounted to a wall, shelve, desk, rear of the TV, etc. The folding front plate supports the controller and with its hinge design allow a sleek fitting wall mount. And it’s pretty cheap: about $15 for the set of four holders (you can also purchase two or six pack)

ps5 controller wall mount

PS5 controller wall mount by OIVO

OIVO PS5 controller wall mount perfectly fits with the PS5 controller, the PS4 ones doesn’t fit as good but you can still use it. The double sided tape is effective and holds heavy headsets fine! But of course, I prefer to use a screws for certainty. The material is pretty sturdy ABS plastic, work as advertised.

Shark 12 Pro is another great product that comes with 2 cable hooks and holders for headphones and controller. Anti-slip pads and reliable design helps to fix headset and controller reliably. PS5 controller wall mount also comes with 3M adhesive and screws, but again, the last are more reliable. The glue may be great, but no one is immune to paint peeling.

PlayStation 5 controller wall mount

Shark 12 Pro PlayStation 5 controller wall mount

Shark 12 Pro is a mount of reasonable quality for the price. Longer headset hanger makes a great deal of force pulling the holder down with all of the headphones weight. Therefore, my advice is not to tempt fate and use screws.


Mounting the console up on the wall or placing it on the entertainment center is a personal preference and not a requirement. Nevertheless, mounting the system on the wall saves room and helps keeping it clean and cool longer. The unit on the wall is also safe from the paws and tails of pets or accidental impacts. So my decision is unambiguous – my console, controller and camera are conveniently located on the wall under the TV.

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