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Action camera body mount: best chest, shoulder and helmet mounts [2021]

When I have been interested in action camera body mount, I had a lot of questions: how much should I spend, what additional accessories do I need, which models should I pay attention to, what mounting setup is the most convenient, etc. In this post, I’ll share my experience and give you some recommendations about best products in the market.

Best camera body mount setup

Action camera on the helmet

In terms of setup, helmet mounting is one of the best. On the helmet the camera works under far less vibration and gives a higher perspective shots. Nevertheless, it’s harder to assess, the unit has a tendency to move out of alignment and may get clonk by safety bars on the chairlifts.

Forehead helmet mount gives less wide point of view, but it is much easier to aim if you’re filming someone else. And you can point the camera a little down so it is tracking right in front of you. Most of my friends set their GoPro at the front, but there’s nothing stopping you to mount a it a bit further back, or even use two cameras and play around with both positions.

As an example, GoPro vented helmet mount has straps wrap around the vent openings in the bicycle helmet to position the camera and securely hold it in place. The rubber base on the bottom helps to snug the mount in place when pressure is applied the straps. The mount attaches easily, but can take a some time and efforts to to decide which hole locations work best. It’s a good choice, taking into account, that it costs less than the actual wrist strap.

camera body mount

GoPro Vented Helmet Strap camera body mount

Of course, the most reliable are the mounts that are designed as a part of the helmet. And these are usually cheaper than helmet+mount set. Mongoose bike helmet with GoPro mount is one of the well built and comfortable products. Embedded mount don’t close slots and allow air to flow through. The camera holder is made of hard plastic, and it serves as a stable platform for the better videos.

helmet with action camera body mount

Mongoose bike helmet with action camera body mount

The chin mount is a common choice for the motorcycle action cameras. These mounts are easy, reliable, have a great angle and doesn’t stand out on the helmet. Chin mount also has very little to no drag at highway speeds, and you’re able to use your mirrors to check battery and recording status. The only downside is that the passenger will most likely need an overhead or side mount to avoid hitting the driver’s helmet or breaking the camera off the mount.

motorcycle chin mount

Dango motorcycle chin mount

The common con of the helmet setup is it gives no perspective of gradient or speed, plus you don’t know how it affects the helmet and your head in the event of a crash. For example, chest or pool mount is much better for snowboard or ski and can provide some amusing footage. Nevertheless, helmet mounts may be quite useful for filming your children and family on the move if you’re following them.

Chest and shoulder action camera mount

In my experience, on a chest mount the camera bounces up and down a bit more than on the helmet. There are two reasons for this: the head is generally more stable in space due to the work of the neck and spine muscles.

Chest mount is good for motorcycling/bicycling. The choice of POV depends on whether you want capture straight ahead or you need to aim the camera with a head while riding. Кeeping the camera facing forward better conveys a sense of the route and the video does not jump right and left with the direction of the face, as if the camera were located on a helmet.

There are a lot of chest mounts on the market. As an example, official GoPro mount. Its stretchable fabric straps look like they will never lose its elasticity. The clips are tough, brackets and the mount are metal. There’s plenty of room to adjust the straps even for larger people. When mounting on the chest you can hear the on/off sound and see the indicator lights. In my opinion, it’s also safer from a crash than on a helmet mount. I fall lots and haven’t injured myself or lost the camera yet!

chest mount

Official GoPro chest mount Harness for all camera types

Shoulder mounted cameras give a better viewing angle. These usually have sturdy joints to keep your camera securely in place, and have a 360° rotating angle so that the camera can be turned around

Shoulder camera mount

Taisioner shoulder camera mount

For instance, Taisioner shoulder mount strap clamp is compatible with most of action cameras, including GoPro HERO 3-9, Xiaomi Yi, APEMAN, DJI OSMO ACTION and other. The camera on the mount can rotate 180° vertical and 360° horizontal. The strap allows free adjustment and is pleasant to the touch – good mount to try!

Tips and tricks

  • Consider what the camera may do in a crash. Will it ram into your stomach/ribs/head? Anybody who had keys in the pocket and fell on it knows how nasty that can get. A selfie stick you just naturally drop in a crash and then it’s out of the way, may be it is safer in some cases.
  • Try differently, may be use an accessory Kit or different types of action camera body mounts.
action camera mount accessory kit

Neewer 50-In-1 action camera mount accessory kit

Neewer kit is an about $35 accessory pack that will give you a lot of options for experiments.  It is compatible with most camera models, comes with straps for chest, head, and helmet for taking shots of skateboarding and parachuting, bungy jumping and surfing, etc. It also has a
wrist strap and floating handle grip. A handlebar mount fits bars of 0.75”–1.4” in diameter for bikes and motorbikes. Suction cup is useful for in-car footage. Selfie stick and flexible tripod are good for taking selfies and videos on the go, etc.


The choice of the camera mount should depend on the task. Helmet ones are the best when you need to make videos of your friends and family. Chest-mounts are good for fishing sessions, motorcycle and bicycle rides, etc. With shoulder and chest holders you’re more likely to record where you’re actually move. The accessories kits are good if you are not yet sure what you need and want to evaluate different approaches.

Best PS5 wall mount: Playstation console, controller and headset holders

PlayStation 5 is a massive console and generates a lot of heat, so wall mounting is a perfect solution. Finding a good PS5 wall mount was pretty tough for me mostly due to the unconventional shape of the unit.

I saw one that was mounted a plate to the wall and it had straps that held the PS to the mount. Floating metal or glass shelves that you can mount to the wall are better in my opinion, but again, no guarantees. In this post I will share my experience and help you to choose a comfortable, reliable and nice-looking PS5 controller phone mount, PS5 controller and camera wall mount.

PS5 Wall Mount

If the console doesn’t fit into your gaming setup, it wouldn’t be an issue if you mount the PS5 to your wall. The wall mount allows you to hang your Playstation and don’t worry about clearing the room under your TV. PS5 wall mount also allows 360° air ventilation flow and easy access to all ports.

ps5 wall mount

PS5 wall mount by HIDEit

HIDEit PS5 wall mount is works with both Playstation Digital and Disc editions, designed specifically for these models and uses dedicated secure mounting mechanism by Sony to be assured the console is safe! Special cutouts allow maximum airflow and full access to disc drives and ports.  The install doesn’t necessary require drill and stud mounting is optional.

The PlayStation 5 on the mount has amazing free floating look and can be installed anywhere around your TV. The system can be easily removed from the PS5 wall mount, you just have to unscrew the security fastening and slide the console out. The unit is made of pretty tough metal. For the best results try to mount  the hold into a stud, if possible. Instructions are easy enough to fasten everything within 15 min.

The only minor issue this mount is that with only 1 screw holding the bottom there is a slight ‘swivel’. It isn’t a huge issue, but the console should be installed vertically, since the base screw is on the bottom of the mount and wouldn’t be reliable enough if installed horizontally. Nevertheless, I haven’t seen a better one around, it is the best product on the market.

Nevertheless, if you need to try another design, look at Topalty Hanger. It is a tough mount made from durable iron, designed specifically for the PS5 and it fits the exact dimensions of the console. The unit is in fact a durable shelf with a wide base on the bottom and most of the top  and side areas remain unobstructed to ensure good ventilation and ports availability. The bottom also has a long opening for extra air flow.

playstation mount

Topaty playstation mount

The console is not directly fixed to the bracket, so you can also easily remove the unit from the mount by lifting it out. The mount is super easy to install, it is durable for weight and perfectly sized for your PS5.

PS5 Controller Wall Mount

Wall Mounts usually come with a controller hanger, for example, HIDEit has one (and Topalty comes without it). But if you have two or more, you need to purchase additional holders to meet all needs. Wall mounts are the perfect way to manage devices and cables and keep them organized. In my experience, mounting the console higher up makes tracing cords easier.

Best example of convenient and reliable PS5 Controller Wall Mount is Ovivo holder. It comes with adhesive and screws to be wall mounted to a wall, shelve, desk, rear of the TV, etc. The folding front plate supports the controller and with its hinge design allow a sleek fitting wall mount. And it’s pretty cheap: about $15 for the set of four holders (you can also purchase two or six pack)

ps5 controller wall mount

PS5 controller wall mount by OIVO

OIVO PS5 controller wall mount perfectly fits with the PS5 controller, the PS4 ones doesn’t fit as good but you can still use it. The double sided tape is effective and holds heavy headsets fine! But of course, I prefer to use a screws for certainty. The material is pretty sturdy ABS plastic, work as advertised.

Shark 12 Pro is another great product that comes with 2 cable hooks and holders for headphones and controller. Anti-slip pads and reliable design helps to fix headset and controller reliably. PS5 controller wall mount also comes with 3M adhesive and screws, but again, the last are more reliable. The glue may be great, but no one is immune to paint peeling.

PlayStation 5 controller wall mount

Shark 12 Pro PlayStation 5 controller wall mount

Shark 12 Pro is a mount of reasonable quality for the price. Longer headset hanger makes a great deal of force pulling the holder down with all of the headphones weight. Therefore, my advice is not to tempt fate and use screws.


Mounting the console up on the wall or placing it on the entertainment center is a personal preference and not a requirement. Nevertheless, mounting the system on the wall saves room and helps keeping it clean and cool longer. The unit on the wall is also safe from the paws and tails of pets or accidental impacts. So my decision is unambiguous – my console, controller and camera are conveniently located on the wall under the TV.

Best acrylic powder: finest clear, white, colored and glitter powder review

Why do you need it

Even for experienced master using best acrylic powder is a key to success. You can find colored acrylic powder for cheap, but the quality usually isn’t good enough. I’ve used China clear acrylic powder when I first started, it wasn’t terrific but workable. There are a variety of chemicals in monomer and powder systems, and often a small difference in ingredients makes the difference. Products from different brands may look and even smell the same, but the results will differ in appearance and quality. It also affects the setup time, ratio and longevity of the finished nail. Read our post and we’ll help you to choose the best acrylic nail powder on the market.

Best clear acrylic powder

Clear acrylic powder gives a smoother surface to nails, creates a natural and healthy look and may serve serve as the basis for elegant French manicure. The monomer (acrylic liquid) reacts with the polymer powder to coat the nails. Best clear acrylic powder should form with a monomer an easily spreadable combination.

Karlash Professional powder & liquid kit is one of the best clear acrylic nail powder you can find. This system is self leveling, has great application and it is very easy to use. Many of my fellow manicure masters note the excellent quality of the kit and never buy another brand.

best clear acrylic powder

Karlash Professional kit – best clear acrylic powder

Karlash products are made in USA and the delivery is lighting fast. The result is as clear as any acrylic can get. Monomer dries nice and quickly and forms nails with amazing look! The sculpting speed is a little bit quicker than medium, so if it sets too quickly, just add a bit more monomer. The smell is strong similar to other brands, though it has a slight sweetness that makes it a little more bearable. Use it in a well ventilated area or near the open windows.

The nails are strong and have no signs of breakage for a long time. You and your clients won’t have any issues with peeling up like it sometimes happens with other brands. Good thing is there are no air bubbles! The only thing I wish the monomer was in a larger bottle.

Karlash Professional kit is one of the best clear acrylic powder and monomer, it’s a quality kit, great for professionals and beginners. Yes, they have competition, but in my opinion this is the most tough and nice looking acrylic on the market.

Best colored acrylic powder

To stay competitive, your nail service have to be beautiful in the most stunning way. For creating beautiful nail design you need the best colored acrylic powders, with the optimum  strength, color clarity, non-bubbling and non-yellowing consistency.

Warm pastels are good for all seasons, to create seductively edgy and deep look you need shades of red, black, purple and more. A touch of sparkle and bright neon colored acrylic nail powder will stop traffic and your competition with one glance! We’ve chosen the best colors and manufacturers you need!

Young Nails colored acrylic powder and Mani-Q colors

Young Nails is one of the best acrylic powder & monomer, their protein bond is also nice. This manufacturer makes products worth the price and they really work the best together. For example, Glam N Glitz system comes in beautiful colors, but it’s not an easy to work especially as a beginner.

young nails acrylic powder

Young Nails acrylic powder cover

Young Nails colored acrylic powder comes in four different sizes and nineteen different styles to exactly meet needs of nail enhancements professional. With YN you’ll get flawless results without becoming too spotty and harden too fast. The swatch is smooth and easy, the colors are absolutely stunning.

yn acrylic powder

YN acrylic powder – color palette for cover powder

All the products of the Young Nails system: finish gel sealer, cover powder,  colored acrylic nail powder, Protein Bond, and especially Liquid Art Monomer drops are top notch. The results are absolutely amazing. You put a few color drops in the monomer and use it with clear powder. The nails will look like stained glass!

best color acrylic powder

Young Nails Mani-Q Color – convenient way to make best color acrylic powder

YN acrylic powder is not the only product you need to look out for. Young Nails Synergy Build gel, is the best on the market. The gel self levels at just the rate you need and you have to do very little finish filing.

All in all, Young Nails acrylic powder systems are great product with low odor, self-leveling, great consistency and wonderful adhesion. Optical color stabilizers and brighteners help to achieve color stability and prevent yellowing. YN is a best color acrylic powder system both for beginners and professionals.

Glow in the dark acrylic powder

Glow in the dark nails are a great idea to to upgrade your style for a night party. It has quickly grown in popularity and was of the top and loving nail trends for a some time. And considering the infinite number of glow-in-the-dark nail designs in Instagram, the trend shows no signs of slowing down. With glowing effect you can enjoy your pretty nails while you are dancing.

glow in the dark acrylic powder

Saviland 10 Colors glow in the dark acrylic powder

Glow in the dark acrylic powder offer an element of surprise which cannot be obtained with any other manicure. Glowing nails are sure to be a hit with whomever you happen to be spending time. And you can try different colors to see if the trend is a good fit for you.

The glow can be accompanied by jewels to accentuate the luminosity of the design. Using glitter and crystals can make a design that would turn many heads. And you can never have too much glitter on glowing acrylic nails.

Glitter acrylic powder

Everyone was in awe of the new glitter nail art. At least once. Yes, the it is “more for grown-ups”, but it will surely give your hands an unmatched wow factor. Either way, glitter acrylic powder will always have a place in our Instagram feed and in our hearts.

glitter acrylic powder

Teenitor Fine glitter acrylic powder

Glitter is especially popular around the holidays but they can absolutely be worn all year-round. You can create surprisingly sophisticated designs with a quality glitter acrylic powder. A little sparkle makes a good accent to glam up an otherwise dull manicure, and takes your nails to the next level.


Teenitor Glitter are fine (A- and B-sized) varying sizes hexagon and glitter powder for nails and comes in sixteen colors including: Copper, Black, Orange, Yellow, Sapphire Blue,Lavender, Malachite Green, Aqua-Blue, Rose, Silver, Peal White, Gold, Gold Green, Violet, Deep Bronze and Wine Red. Nail Glitter works well on top of a nail and may be mixed with acrylic powder.

With this set you can easily create an extra edge to the nails design and brighten up dull moments. Glitters are a good choice for the holidays, especially in winter time like the Christmas, New Year and more.

Nude acrylic powder

Going with a classic nude nail color doesn’t necessarily put us at the edge of our seats in anticipation. Nevertheless, it doesn’t get more “fancy lady” than nude nails – neutral nails instantly communicate both sophistication and polish. Nude nail polish is also a practical investment; virtually anything you wear will match a milky manicure to top it off.

nude acrylic powder

Mia Secret nude acrylic powder

Great choice here is Enjoy a Nude Collection of 6 colors made by Mia secret. The powder lays very smoothly and gives you plenty of time to work before it drys.  The set comes in small jars, making it great for little salon which don’t make many dips, but need a good color palette.

Mia Secret powders can be used both with monomer and as a part of a dipping system and create beautiful, almost perfect results. The colors are great and matches common skin tones. The powders are highly pigmented and poured like silk. The set is a great choice for doing french or ombrés. You may also mix, for example, nude and perfect tan together to get a more natural looking flesh tone.

White acrylic powder

A neutral nail shades can’t be topped, they work during all seasons and on all skin tones and white is the ultimate neutral move, it will never look boring on nails. White acrylic powder is incredibly wearable and super flattering on everyone, but not all white shades are the same.

Milky white acrylic powder

With milky white acrylic powder you can create ideal middle point between a sheer white  and an opaque white manicure. It is a semi-opaque shade with a slightly translucent feel. It may remind you skim milk color, it almost looks a bit watered-down.

milky white acrylic powder

Glam and Glits milky white acrylic powder

Good example of milky white acrylic powder is Glam And Glits Milky White product. It is acrylic and dip powder. It doesn’t need a specific monomer, I’ve used it at least with two different monomers and it’s works fine. The color perfect for “milk bath “ looks. It’s a little bit harder to get used to. Glam And Glits colors are a little more grainy when shaping. But the color is solid and comes out great!

The powder also blends good with other colors and results look and covers beautiful. The only con is the price, and it’s only 2 oz.

Soft white acrylic powder

Soft white is slightly less stark than crisp white and feels more like a soft marshmallowy color. This is one of the most popular colors, it’s a timeless pick for classic French tips or for a sophisticated, soft white manicure. A top coat adds a high-shine finish to enhance the super-clean look. Three coats give the perfect opaque, soft white finish.

soft white acrylic powder

NSI Attraction – soft white acrylic powder

The NSI soft white powder is the best soft white acrylic powder for the tips. I found that CND powder is slightly worse, NSI never lifts and had more clarity. NSI products are really good, but you shouldn’t use the powder with a liquid made by another brand.

Tips and tricks

Before applying your powder, be sure to properly prepare the nail surface by cleaning and wiping it with acetone. Buff the nail and apply bond and primer to prevent lifting after application. Roll the jar to disperse the material properly. Dip a brush into the monomer and gently lay the tip into the surface of the powder to apply to the nail for a single bead application. When applying the acrylic, tap it into the nail with the body of the brush and you can dip into monomer, during application to increase pliability. Allow the powder to dry completely until tapping the end of the brush on the nail will make a slight clicking sound.
Hand file the sides and go in with an e-file to smooth out the nail. Apply a polish top coat over your color acrylic.

Each powder forms from the reaction with the monomer liquid. The liquids have small chemical parts that react with the chemicals in the powder when they’re mixed.

Removing the acrylic can be done a number of ways. Most common ways are e-filing the color  layer down to the acrylic and rebuilding the nail or remove it with warm acetone. Warm the acetone with a hot water, but do not put it near direct heat and don’t microwave.


Acrylic has been a staple in many nail salons for years and there is no problem to find professionally formulated products that will help you to take your work to the next level. We’ve discussed here quite a few different types of powders on the market today with a wide variety of glitter, color, mood effect, shimmer and glow. Most of them can be used blended together or by themselves to create a wide variety of different looks.

Discussion on Acrylic Toes: White or Color-Matched Cute Acrylic Toe Nails

acrylic toesYou’ve definitely seen a couple of photos with acrylic toes and wondering are they good enough to try? The acrylic more rigid than gel or polish pro, so is acrylic proper toe product?

Why don’t use cute acrylic toe nails?

I often hear that acrylic overlay on toes is too rigid, and the gel is more suitable. But gel is acrylic! Even long acrylic toe nails last great. Yes, they are sturdy but if the pedicure is done nice and thin, they not too rigid. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with using white acrylic toes if you know how to work thin.

cute acrylic toe nails

Vcedas 600 Pcs – cute acrylic toe nails for about $8

Any nail master have seen plenty of undergrade gel work all lumpy and thick. Neither gel nor any specific product is no magic potion for your toes. In my opinion, acrylic toes works perfectly well if the technician knows how to use it.

For example, if your little toe nails are tiny, you may overlay and tip them so they look relatively normal! The same is true for a strange shape of the toes, you can visually make them look really good!!

White acrylic toe nails

Most of white acrylic toe nails designs originate from the classic use of white color in French manicure and nail art (read also Chisel acrylic powder). From a tiny white tip of the nail the fashion came to new nail art combinations, sparkling and hand-painted designs.

white acrylic toes

72 pcs matte short white acrylic toes

White acrylic toes will look refreshing if you draw elements in lemon yellow color. When combined with white the pedicure looks fresh and original! Acrylic toes in white with mother-of-pearl shade and edging made of crystals is sure to look impressive. A bold golden glitter layer is on the white nail polish is great for showing off a good pair of trendy sandals.

Creamy white acrylic toes, decorated with metallic zigzags create contrast between French pedicure and the strong graphic design to look extraordinary air. This style is beautiful in its natural simplicity for women of all ages.

white acrylic toe nails

Sethexy white acrylic toe nails

Retro designs include bright arcs on a white acrylic toe nails. Colorful droplets and splashes help to draw everyone’s attention and stand out of the crowd.

A frosted white colors wear a LOT better, as you wear out your nail polish pretty quickly playing beach volleyball, in the pool, etc. Dull or Chipped frosted acrylic toes look a lot better than non-frosted colours, and don’t show patch jobs as much.

Acrylic on big toe

Until Shellac became popular, I wore an acrylic overlay on my big toes for ten years. And in my opinion the were not too thick, definitely they were not like trotters, and were absolutely perfect, no one could tell I had an acrylic.

acrylic on big toe

SIUSIO 240 pcs acrylic on big toe

Acrylics on big toes are one of the most popular service in pedicure. It also helps when the two big toes do not look the same. With acrylic overlay they will look the same and create a great overall look of the toenails and feet.

With acrylic on big toe smudging or chipping will happen less frequently. The process of applying is relatively quick and you can completely cover the insecurities you stress over about your feet.

Acrylic toe nails can be very nicely done but you don’t have to get them too long but just so that they look natural. Toenails may break a lot on summer and to keep your pedicure looking nice you can apply tips so they look nice and you will be surprised at how many ladies have acrylic on their big toes.

Acrylic overlay on toes: disadvantages

Long acrylic on your toes are more prone to brake if you kick something accidentally. Natural sized nails don’t need a excessive attention. I think, you shouldn’t blame an acrylic for a broken toe nail when what broke it was bashing it so hard in the first place. If you do similar hit to a natural fingernail it can do the same thing. Moreover, I have known many cases where an acrylic overlay SAVED the nail underneath from much worse damage.

96 Full Cover Toenails

96 Full Cover Toenails

In my opinion, accidents are accidents. I don’t think that many women will refuse to have their nails done on the “accident” that they can hook the nail backwards and break it badly.  All nail lovers put up with some risk.

And I should say, in about ten years I wear acrylic overlays on big toes I have never yet had a serious breakage. So what exactly is to blame here, the overlay or the awkward person who hits her toes?

Long acrylic toe nails

long acrylic toe nails

KISS French Kit – long acrylic toe nails

The first time I saw long acrylic toe nails was in a wedding where some of the fellow bridesmaids had really long french pedicures. The girls were surprised and couldn’t stop talking about it. Sometimes I see long white toenails in an office setting.  The Asian nail techs often make long toenails or acrylic on the big toe. I have also seen people where they leave a small bit of length to even the nail bed, and I even see it when I am looking at shoe catalogues.

Nail lovers are posting photos of their best long pedicures here and there – all colors, varying shapes and lengths.

Acrylic on toenails requires less attention than acrylic on the fingernails. The toenails grow much slower than fingernails and correction aren’t needed as often. Longer toenails are a style trend many girls are getting on board with!

Acrylic toes: conclusions

Acrylic toes made by a good nail technician DOES NOT look like trotters! Yes, shellac and gel are good, by I cannot remember when acrylic toes would let me down. With all the advances in gel colours and polishes, twinkle toes, etc I think it is just a personal choice or opinion.

Chisel acrylic powder: dipping and monomer systems for color, french and ombre nails

chisel dipping powder color chart Choosing a powder brand for acrylic nails is an important problem for beginner master. After the exciting journey learning your nail courses there’s plenty to choose from. Moreover, the best nails technicians are learning and making research everyday to keep up to date with new products. Today we will discuss Chisel acrylic powder to give you a few ideas where to start. Chisel dipping powder is a great product, easy to apply even for a beginner, well-covering and long lasting powder with a great color palette.

Chisel acrylic powder

Chisel Nail Art company has developed their dipping powders in 2017 with an ombre line. Today chisel nail powders are creative way to enhance, decorate, paint, create embellishments and make a nail art service done to perfection. Their products are two-in-one and can be used in both dipping powder and liquid monomer systems. The powders are odor-free and packed with vitamins & nutrients promoting healthy natural nails.

chisel acrylic powder

Chisel acrylic powder – create your own ombre collection

Chisel acrylic powders a 3D nail art products with little stamps of various designs and colours. They are pretty easy to put on the nails, 100% safe and doesn’t chip off. The powders come in a variety of sizes and styles with a stamps set in each pack.

Activators and bonders help the Chisel acrylic powder stick to nails. They smoothen the surface and protect nails from harmful agents by coating them evenly. The liquids are applied on clean nails with a brush that is usually attached to the lid with a wand to make the process more convenient and efficient.

Chisel dipping powder

Chisel dipping powder helps to create a lightweight, but durable and long-lasting nails with great color. The product is flexible like gel and strong like acrylic, it is also resistant to cracking and chipping. Chisel nail dip powder contains calcium and vitamins to help the natural nails of your clients. The brand is well-known and presented on almost every salon’s shelves.

chisel dipping powder

Chisel dipping powder – NEON collection

The color palette has nearly 200 shades to fulfill all your expectations. From glitter to candy, neon to glow, you may create a collection to suit your needs. Dipping powder is a nice acrylic free base that comes in glittery, matte and glossy types to choose one that any client like. The product can be applied on the nails with glue and brush or have the nails dipped into powder. This helps to create your nail job for a longer time.

Color chisel powder


Applying color chisel powder is made in next steps:

  • Wash the hands, push back cuticles, dead skin and remove shine
  • Apply the bond near the cuticle area and entire nail
  • Cover the nail with base on 3/5 of the length, dip it into clear dipping powder under 45° angle, remove excess powder
chisel nail art dipping powder

Cover 3/5 of the nail length with base and dip it into clear chisel nail art dipping powder

  • Apply next base layer to 4/5 of the nail, it into color dip powder

chisel nail powder colors

  • Cover with a base all the nail, dip it into color again
  • Use activator
  • Shape the nails with a file, smooth the surface
chisel nail dip powder

After applying Chisel nail dip powder shape the nail with a file

  • Wash the hands and dry them
  • Apply Activator
  • Apply coats: first one fast, the second – slowly and smoothly to cover all surface and edges
  • Let it dry.

Chisel powder edgers

Chisel powder edgers are 8-in-one art tool you can use to create infinite nail designs. The product can be used with 3-in-1 colored acrylic sculpting and dippin powders. The diameter is about 3″, made of plastic.

Chisel nail powder slant edger

Chisel nail powder slant edger

Chisel nail powder wave edger

Chisel nail powder wave edger

chisel powder stairway edger

Chisel powder stairway edger

The tool helps nail artists create great designs with accurate edges.

Chisel edgers are a wheel with numbers from smallest to biggest.

All you need is to apply an acrylic, wait for some time press the edger and pool it towards you to remove excess material. If the result isn’t perfect, scrape up extra acrylic with a brush pen. There is no need to clean the nail completely, because you’ll cover it with another color.


All you need to do is apply acrylic, wait a while, press down the edger and pull it towards you to remove excess material. If the result is not perfect, scrape off excess acrylic with a brush. It is not necessary to completely clean the nail because you will cover it with a different color.

Product Shelf life

Most acrylic powder manufacturers claim a shelf life of about a year from the opening time.  The monomer should be used within 12 months of opening, yes. But I think, you can use powders longer. A lot of us have many different colours/glitters, for which we use a small amount of in comparison to the amount of monomer we may use. So In my opinion, we don’t have to replace all the powders every year. This is not food or medicine, in my practice there was not a single problem caused by the use of the powder over 12 months old.


With a Chisel nail art dipping powder you are able to create colorful and bright nail art designs. The 2in1 powder can be used as dip system with dip powder liquids and as acrylic with monomer. Once you use Chisel nail dip powder, you will find that it leaves a natural shine and feel. Great choice, my recommendations! (read also acrylic toes article).

Choosing the best indoor grill: best charcoal and propane BBQ units [2021]

I like grilling, and for this purpose I have charcoal Weber 741001 device. It’s quite satisfying, inexpensive and definitely worth every penny. I also have propane Char-Broil Classic 405 but use it not so often. The only disadvantage of these grills are troubles of grilling outdoors in winter. I’ve spent a lot of time choosing an alternative and for me the best choice is an indoor charcoal grill. Read our article to choose the best product for you.

Indoor Charcoal Grill

indoor charcoal grill

Portable indoor charcoal grill – TASTILLY

In my taste, charcoal provides flavor that neither gas nor electric grill cannot. Many of my friends like using propane because it is more convenient for them. I understand the reasoning, but placing coals into the chimney and taking care of it for 20 minutes is worth the results. Depending on charcoal, the grill can heat up to 600F degrees. Electrical ones work at 350-450F. Even gas grills heat up less. It’s not a big deal for chicken or burgers, but you won’t get a perfect sear plus a perfect medium rare on a steak.

When using charcoal grill in the kitchen you need to consider that Charcoal consumes oxygen at a high rate and shunts carbon dioxide into the living space. You need a lot of fan extraction, a natural flow is not enough to completely exhaust the fumes and gas coming off the charcoal.

Best Indoor Korean BBQ Grill

We all used to go to Korean restaurants and saw rooms with a grills built into the tables. It’s a nice thing to sit around and grill small cuts of the raw meat. Especially for the kids. They really enjoy the cooking experience and experimenting with different meat and spice combinations.

Indoor Korean BBQ Grill

Indoor Korean BBQ Grill – Grashal charcoal unit

Now you can purchase Indoor Korean BBQ Grill. It usually comes in three parts. The bottom also serves as an ash pan, a charcoal grate and the top to place meat or vegetables. All you need is to lit up some coals, chop the meat and pour some oil and sauces into bowls like they are served at the restaurant. A butcher block under the grill will protect the table and you’ll avoid burn marks.

We use indoor grill to cook Lao sukiyaki when we have relatives over sometimes. You can pour soup into the outside area and cook vegetables and noodles to eat with the grilled items.

The top grill area is convenient to grill seafood, marinated beef etc. A slice of two of pork belly fat on acts as a cooking fat and helps to keep the food from sticking to the grill so bad. Nevertheless, when choosing the Korean indoor grill, try to find  the product with non-stick top, because they are are a pain to clean. It will be a little easier if you soak them afterwards.

Indoor hibachi grill for home

With a hibachi type grill, you need to learn a little. If the amount of charcoal is too large, the food heats up too quickly and the inside does not cook enough. Some Japanese hibachi have racks for raising the grate. You can control coals amount and use the draft door to regulate the heat. The grate is often made of cast iron, and the body of the grill is designed to draft heat upwards and saves charcoal.

Indoor hibachi grill for home

Indoor hibachi grill for home – Portable Barbecue Stove

Traditional hibachi were designed to heat space and were often cast iron designed to radiate heat around. An indoor hibachi grill for home force heat is ideal for cooking thin meat pieces very quickly. Take a think piece of ribeye, 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick and place it on the grill with a fully lit charcoal load and you can get a medium rare center and crisp edge texture. This is where these units really shine!

Best indoor hibachi grill

Best indoor hibachi grill – cast iron BBQ with an air regulating door


Indoor propane grill

Propane grills are pretty widespread, and I don’t mind grilling with a portable gas grill. Of course, the meat doesn’t taste the same, but it is great nonetheless. And they are lighter, easier in setup and cleanup. They are simply amazing for the convenience and size.

Indoor propane grill

Indoor propane grill – NOMADIQ unit

Nomadiq is a great compact propane grill, you can run either the right side or the left one at a time. Vegetables and meat, kabobs and burgers are great with it. The size is great for tight places, the unit folds away and stores perfectly in a storage container or on a shelf.


Good ventilation is essential to using a home charcoal grill. Coal consumes oxygen and emits carbon dioxide. Nevertheless, people used to cook indoors, over a fire or coals. Using grill indoors by placing it in the fireplace is completely safe. If you put the unit on a gas stove and turn on the ventilation, it will be good. With fattier meats, you MAY also get some “flare ups” from fat burning. Be prepared and don’t panic.

Also, similar to any grill, be prepared to deal with a fire, prepare a plan so if something happen, you can stay calm and deal with it. All kitchens should have a fire extinguisher, and know how to use and to maintain it.


Nothing beats the taste and smell of grilled meat and vegetables. And if you want to get it at any time of the year and with your friends, indoor units are your choice. Choose the best product and use it safely.

Finding the best stretch belt tool: universal, BMW, Subaru, Ford and Chevy

automotive belt installation deviceStretch belts are not easy to install and you can even damage them because of twisting. A screwdriver sometimes works well, but it’s not so convenient. I feel that with it you can ruin the pulley or belt and once I even got a very painful trapped finger. A stretch belt tool is a handy device to help you install the belt on the pulley. You can find such devices made of plastic and metal, simple and complex, with pliers, pins or magnetic fixation. Read our article to find the best stretch fit belt tools for you tasks.

Why do you need the tool

Many of the car owners have found out (either the hard or easy way), that some belts doesn’t have an adjustable tensioner to fit the accessory drive belts. These belts are “stretch”, they are designed to be stretched by special tools. Some of them are also designed to be “single use” and shouldn’t be re-used (read the documentation).

For example, Ford in former times sold the Fiesta stretch belts with the special tool to install them. Now the kit is not available, they sell only the belts. Nevertheless, there are some aftermarket alternatives, which we will discuss below.

Plastic Stretch Belt Installation Tool

ford stretch belt tool

ZKTOOL Belt Remover/Installer

A plastic tools will be fine, they are cheap and you can buy several types easily. Sometimes these come in a pack: the first for removing and another for putting the belt in on. I think that usually you don’t really need to remove the belt and most often it is just cut off the pulley with a knife.

ZKTOOL 1022 is nylon plastic install and remove tool to be placed on a pulley to slip-on or slip-off stretch fit belts. It is light, compact and convenient to use in narrow spaces and can be used on the front or back side of the pulley.

The material surely won’t damage the belt or pulley. The plastic, of course, is not so tough as steel, but given the price, I recommend buying two sets, or this and another type. This offers you a back up and some alternative if using the first one will be inconvenient or won’t fit your belt. Buy one and I think you should be happy. Buy two and I think you will be happy.

Metal stretch fit belt tools

Good example here is a 91031 universal tool. Theoretically, it can be used for any engine, but in fact a bolt hole doesn’t always line up with the flywheel pulley. Nevertheless, even if it doesn’t, the stretch fit belt tool holds in by the tension until the slips on. The bolt is used basically for alignment in the pulley and doesn’t really assist the installation of the belt. So just use the tool without bolt. As always, you need to do exert a lot of force at the end, but there’s really no other way to do it!

The way you use it isn’t complicated and the 91030 just puts on the belt on to the pulleys, all you have to do is set it in position and crank the pulley so it can turn.

Gates stretch belt installation tool

Gates 91030 universal stretch belt installation tool

Gates 91030 can be successfully used with Mazda 5, Mazda 3 2.3L (without the bolt) GM5.3, Chevrolet Silverado 6.2L, etc. The only thing you need to consider is that the location where you need insert hasn’t be too close to the engine block to fit the tool in there.

Lisle 59370 is a US made two-in-a-one of installation and removal tool. It holds in place on the pulley with a magnetic faces and can be used on the front or back side.

automotive stretch belt tool

Lisle 59370 automotive stretch belt tool

Once again, though the tool is claimed to be universal, the magnet doesn’t stick in a right position to the crank pulley. But almost always you can figure out how to position it, and turn the crank to get the belt on. This metal device is very durable and tough, this is an important feature taking into account it’s the only thing that can take the pressure of the belt. Works on the Hyundai, Kia, some Mazda and Chevys if it fits behind the crank pulley. For Ford Fiesta and BMW Gates 91030 works fine.

Subaru Stretch Belt Tool – Gates 91031 Micro-V Kit

The Gates kit is designed to hold automotive Micro-V belt driven pulleys. It grasps the pulley just as a drive belt. The tool is required for newer Subaru and works perfectly. Works good with Subaru Forester, Impreza, Outback 2.5L engines.

Make sure you have the transmission in neutral or you’ll bend the pc that goes into the crank pulley. The install doesn’t become simple, but the tool makes an impossible task possible. Don’t hesitate to buy this tool if you plan on replacing belts (see also Tool box – how to choose what you really need)

subaru stretch belt tool`

Subaru stretch belt tool – Gates 91031

Gates Micro-V Kit is not so obvious to use, the directions are not very clear. You’ll save much time if watch a video on YouTube in order to get the things done effectively.


I have seen stretch belt replacement done with a screwdriver or zips, but I highly recommend using specialized tool and personally would not replace the belt without it. Cheap plastic ones are good for tight places, do the job few times and may snap. Sturdy metal versions will serve for years, but they are expensive and usually bulkier. Choose what you need for your project.

Ivation pressure washer

Ivation Pressure Washer IVA 9175L

Ivation Pressure Washer IVA 9175L

When I was choosing my electric pressure washer, of course I’ve tried searching the forums and Google but only found a lot of guesses and bickering. So I think, this article will help you get more information to make a right decision. And though it is an Ivation pressure washer review, you’ll find useful tips and advices in choosing electric or gasoline-powered one (for example, Simpson PS3228-S 3300 PSI pressure washer). We’ll also discuss Ivation troubleshooting, you’ll find here it’s manual and spare parts review, including washer turbo wand.


The Ivation IVA 9175l pressure washer is a machine for home use, intended to cleaning cars, RVs, boats, decks, etc. The washer pump is powered by 1800W brush motor and delivers 2200PSI at 1.8GPM. The maximum pressure allows you to clean siding up to second story. And this is more than enough for the foam cannon, it works amazing.

Iva 9175L – contents of delivery

Iva 9175L pressure washer comes with five interchangeable quick-connect nozzles: 40°, 25°, 15°, 0 degree and a foam nozzle. An onboard nozzle storage is convenient to store the attachments. By changing among the available nozzles you can concentrate the flow to a narrower stream with more pressure or wider with less concentrated water flow. Soaping nozzle applies detergents over a much wider area. High pressure nozzles remove most of the mold stain from vinyl siding and brick.

The cord is approx 30 ft and it provides a good movement range for this compact and lightweight unit. It is two prong and has a polarized plug with something like a GFI switch.

There are also a gun handle, a spray wand, and a turbo wand. The soap dispenser is a built in module and trust me, you’ll surely meet the times when you need detergents to combat stains and dirt.

High pressure hose connects to the front of unit with a large knurled knob. The other end goes the the wand and has a metal nipple

The brush motor only runs when the trigger is pulled and stops as soon as you release the trigger.

Bonus Turbo Spray Wand

Ivation pressure Washer Wand

Ivation pressure Washer Wand, hose and rear basket

The turbo spray wand is very useful for vehicle undercarriage and other hard to reach areas. This wand provides ideal maneuverability. If you need to change the gun, the “Tool Daily Deluxe Washer Gun, with Replacement Wand Extension“. The high pressure hose is interchangeable with the “YAMATIC Kink-Free Pressure Washer Hose.” You should consider, that the hose by Ivation only works with the Ivation gun, and may be (I’m not sure) with the Greenworks gun with the female end.

Ivation pressure Washer Manual and Troubleshooting


You can download Ivation pressure Washer Manual in pdf format here.

ivation pressure washwer manual


Pump does not reach working pressure Water filter fouled Clean it
Nozzle worn Replace the nozzle
Low water supply pressure Turn on the water supply tap fully
Air into system Check the connection of hose fittings
Air in Pump Switch off the appliance and keep depressing and releasing the gun trigger until the water comes out in a steady flow. Switch the appliance back on again
Adjustable nozzle not positioned correctly Turn the adjustable nozzle
Thermostatic valve tripped Wait for correct water temperature to be restored
Pressure drops during use Water intake from external tank Connect appliance to the mains water supply
Intake water too hot Reduce temperature
Nozzle clogged Clean nozzle
O-ring to one-way valve broken Replace the broken component
Intake filter dirty Clean filter
Motor “sounds” but fails to start Insufficient power supply Check that the voltage of the mains power supply line is the same as that on the plate
Voltage loss due to use of extension cable Check characteristics of extension cable
Appliance not used for long period of time Contact your nearest Authorized
Service Center
Problems with TSS device Contact your nearest Authorized Service Center
Water leakage Seals worn Have the seals replaced at your nearest Authorized Service Center
Safety valve tripped and discharging Contact an Authorized Service Center
Appliance noisy Water too hot Reduce temperature (see technical data)

Ivation troubleshooting


Clearly, if you are looking for a compact, easy to operate electric power washer that offers a good performance for various home cleaning tasks, then this product may be for you.

All in all, the “Ivation” is nothing more than a trade brand for a Chinese product.

SIMPSON PS3228-S Review – 3300 PSI Pressure Washer (2021)


Whether you are starting a local business or just want to choose a pressure washer, you have selected the right article. Read our SIMPSON 3300 PSI Pressure Washer Review to find out its advantages, disadvantages, details and performance characteristics such as pump diagram, etc. so that your investment will pay off.

The washer easily removes unsightly blemishes on concrete and cleans a patio. 25-foot hose is enough to get up on the roof and wash away the debris. Detergent function helps to cleaned home properly, The best part about is, of course cleaning a fleet, SIMPSON PS3228-S does the job with ease.

Simpson PS3228-S is an assembled in US 3200 PSI @ 2.8 GPM pressure washer powered by Honda motor with AAA triplex pump. This is a gas engine powered model, it is EPA-approved and compliant with California (and every state across the USA) emission laws. Not all gas powered pressure washers are CARB compliant, take it into account.

PS3228-S has more than enough power for general cleaning duties. The hose is wear resistant and abrasion proof, threaded fittings safely hold parts together whatever nozzle you use. SIMPSON 3300 PSI Pressure Washer can run continuously for hours without overheating and any unpleasant incidents.

The throttle can be set low to decrease pressure, along with switching to a 40 degree nozzle, and increasing the distance between gun and surface. You can turn the washer down to 1600PSI to clean your house, it is much more safe than full pressure.

Safety of operation is provided with a thermal relief valve to prevent pump damage), a trigger lock which prevents accidental operation, and a low oil protection for engine.

SIMPSON 3300 PSI Pressure Washer – What you should know?

Both the the triplex pump and a motor are commercial grade and it’s listed on the commercial section of the Simpson site. But take into account, that no gasoline items are legally allowed for return. Therefore, check and recheck the model number and the integrity of the power washer when receiving.

The SIMPSON 3300 PSI Pressure Washer comes with 5 different nozzles. The 0-degree nozzle extracts as much power as possible to remove graffiti, strip paint from metal and wood and for deep-cleaning carpets, thick tarpaulins, etc. 40°, 25°, 15° nozzles are milder power and are used for quick cleaning of unstable dirt, dust, debris . The soap nozzle effectively dispenses detergent to washing your car and house.

Be careful with aggressive chemicals. For example, chlorax may damage the machine seals and gaskets in the pump. It’s not recommended to use harsh bleach.

The device comes without a soap tank, detergent supply is performed by a siphon hose with an automatic soap dilution feature, which dilutes the soap with a 7:1 ratio. The detergent is added automatically when a soap nozzle is attached.

SIMPSON PS3228 Parts and Specifications


1 – base
2 – handle rear
2.1 – handle, rear
2.2 – holder
2.3 plate
2.4 screw
3 – engine, honda gx200
4 – key, shaft
5 – pump
5.1 – pump, horizontal 3200psi
5.2 – cap, vinyl cover
5.3 bolt
5.4 washer, split lock
6 – wheel
7 – foot kit
8 – hardware kit, handle mounting
9 – hardware kit, engine mount
10 – hardware, kit for pump mount
11 – nozzle set
12 – handle grip


PSI Pressure Rating: 3,300
Water consumption 2.5 GPM
Nozzles Included: Five spray tips
Tips characteristics Soap, 40° (Concrete, brick, masonry, siding, gutters, house, fencing, deck, patio), 25°(with caution: siding, gutters, house), 15°(concrete, brick, masonry), 0° (with caution: concrete, brick, masonry)
Hose Length (ft.): 25’ x 5/16” high pressure polyurethane wear resistant hose
Warranty: Three year Honda limited warranty,  two year limited pump warranty, one year manufacturer’s limited warranty, 90 days on gun, hose, lance, nozzles and all other wear items
Wheels: Four-ply pneumatic 10″ rubber wheels can handle rough terrain
Start Type: Recoil
Fuel Capacity (gal.): 0.825
Recommended Engine Oil: SAE 10W-30
Engine Oil Capacity (oz.): 20.16
SIMPSON PS3228-S Parts 3,300 PSI power unit, handle, spray gun, spray wand, high pressure hose, 5 cleaning nozzles, detergent hose with filter, engine oil, nozzle cleaning tool, operator’s manual, engine manual, quick set-up guide
Engine Honda® 196 CC
Pump Type: AAA™ Industrial Triplex Plunger Pump
Assembled Weight: 85 lbs.

SIMPSON Washer Pump Diagram

SIMPSON Washer Pump Diagram

SIMPSON Washer Pump Diagram – read full parts list here

The washer comes with horizontal 3/4″ triplex hollow shaft “PowerBoost” pump

  • Pressure – 3300 psi
  • Water flow – 2.5 gpm
  • RPM – 3450

The pump has SAE gas flange

  • Input for female garden hose
  • Output: accepts female screw connect, 22mm / 14mm male


  • Built in adjustable unloader valve
  • Thermal relief valve
  • Built-in chemical injector aluminum head

Pros of the washer

  • The Simpson PS3228 pressure washer has great 3200 PSI pressure and quite big water output of 2.5 gallons per minute. Most of electrically powered washer for homeowners are limited to about 2000 PSI and less than 2 gpm.
  • Honda engines are very reliable and much quieter than most of gas ones.
  • 25 foot anti kink hose made of expensive materials. And believe me, high quality hose is very important when it comes to pressure washers
  • The GX200 5.5 hp motor has pretty low oil shut off, separate fuel/choke controls and a big enough 3.3 qt gas tank. Industrial triplex plunger pump is equipped with ceramic pistons and a thermal relief valve and to lasts for years of trouble free service. A sight gauge on a pump helps to  keep tabs on the oil level.
  • The weight of the SIMPSON PS3228-S is about 85 lb, so most likely you are able to lift the unit by yourself in and out of the van. The work is pretty quiet, even at full throttle and this allows to get started earlier in the day.
  • The washer is compact enough to store in a small garage

PS3228-S Cons

  • For professional tasks 25 feet hose is not long enough and you’ll be moving the unit all the time.  You can pay about $80 for Simpson 50 foot hose.
  • The washer use professional grade ceramic piston Triplex pump. It is high quality and very efficient machine with great output in pressure and water flow. It should work for years and has two year warranty. But it is really expensive, so possibly in a 5-7 years of home use you’ll decide to buy new washer instead of spare pump.
  • The reversible handle is a bit low, if you plan to use it for a long period of time, moving it around might be hard on your back.
  • The vibration sometimes causes the nozzles to fall off the holders, check them from time to time
  • This is a rather expensive machine.


All in all, gas pressure washer is a durable, portable and powerful machine for the money and I would recommend it to others for purchase. Though it’s average in price on the gas washer market, you can choose a cheaper option with slightly worse reliability, pressure and water flow rates if extra $100 plays a big role.

May be, electrical washer is good enough for your needs. Although electric washers are lighter and quieter, they are limited by the current source and the length of the power cord. Also you need to remember, that long cable cuts voltage and unit power. Nevertheless, if you only use the device at home, choosing an electric washer with sufficient power makes sense.

Raccoon Proof Bird Feeders – UPDATED 2020 – A Complete Guide!

Well, you’ve possibly chosen the best bird feeder location to view birds from your window, and now it’s time to protect your feeder from “masked bandits”. Read our guide to find out, how to choose or even build your own DIY racoon proof bird feeder. We’ll discuss ready to use feeders, raccoon baffles, methods of mounting and special products that contain capsaicin, which is safe for birds but unpleasant for raccoons and squirrels.

Raccoon baffles for bird feeders

Most common method to protect a feeder from raccoons is using a baffle. It is a contraption that stops animals from climbing. The baffle also prevents squirrels from stealing the birdseed from the ground.

The most popular form is a cone similar to the one worn around the dog’s neck after surgery. If the pole is long enough, it is very effective against  squirrels. But raccoons defeat them in most cases – even 22 inches bowl baffle is not enough.

racoon proof bird feeders

Good for squirrels, but not enough to protect against a raccoon

masked bandit - a racoon defeats the squirrel baffle

Masked bandit – a raccoon defeats 22 inches squirrel baffle

Of course, you can try to hang your feeder on a wire, or very thin pole, but no one is immune from meeting a raccoon with the acrobatic skills necessary to access even these feeders.

raccoon baffle for bird feeder

Torpedo raccoon baffle should be at least 20-24 inches long

Torpedo baffles, plastic trays or short stove pipe work also work great against squirrels. However, raccoons are very agile and smart, so you can often meet a cunning coon who figured out how to steal bird food.

The only working ready-to-use solution in my experience is a baffle for bird poles is build as a hollow cylinder that is free to sway to make climbing difficult. But you should choose a large one, at least 24 inch long and 8 inch wide. Such a device mount on the pole about 4 to 4.5 ft off of the ground to the baffle top effectively blocks raccoons. Adjustable mounting clamp helps to  set the desired height.

Cages and weighted hoppers

coon cage feeder

A protective cage is not an option

Wrapping the feeder with a metal mesh is one of the first thoughts that visit you after robbing the feeder by a raccoon. The size of holes should allow birds to get through, and the radius of the net should be greater than the length of the animal’s leg.

But in practice this solution works only against squirrels. To protect seeds from coons, you need really large cage. And keep in mind that wire fences make it easier to climb into a comfortable position. Plus, they make cleaning the feeder much more difficult.

Raccoon proof weighted hopper

Raccoon proof weighted hopper

Weighted hoppers work better. These feeders have covers that close seed ports under a weight of the coon or a squirrel. Usually the hoppers are made of steel and have a removable roof for easy filling. My advice is to hang them, so when the coon climb onto it, the feeder tips, which makes it more difficult to reach into the feeder. It also swings back and forth and the coon must grab onto the front, which causes the cover to close over the seeds.

How to build a DIY Raccoon Proof Bird Feeder

A raccoon baffle may cost up to $60, but if you are handy you could build your own out of stove pipe. Personally, I prefer the simple exclusion techniques to keep the mammals off my feeders. All these powered motor devices spinning the feeder perches when the excessive weight detected, make me a little frightened 😊.

The most effective choice is a six- or seven-foot pole with arms to hang feeders. Use a stove pipe as a raccoon baffle. The top of the stove should be five feet or more above the ground to prevent animals from leaping above it to the pole. The platform feeder may sit on the stove, above the platform is you can place tray or tube feeder. All feeders must be cleaned regularly for the health of the birds.

In this way, all you need is one stovepipe 6-8” diameter at least 24” long. The pipe usually comes in black, if you need another color, buy galvanized duct pipe and paint it. To place the DIY racoon baffle on the pole you may use the end cap that fits on stovepipe. Hose clamp that to fit around feeder pole well help to set needed height.

how to build a raccoon proof bird feeder

Drill the end cup with a drill or hole saw

DIY raccoon proof bird feeder

Attach the hooks to the cover and then hang the DIY baffle to other hooks on the pole.


Hose clamp on the pole

  • So drill a hole in the center of the cup with a big drill bit or hole saw.
  • Insert the pipe firmly into the end cap, fix it with screws.
  • You can place the baffle on the pole in at least two poles.
  • First way is to, attach the hooks to the cover and then hang the DIY baffle to other hooks on the pole.
  • The second one is to use hose clamp and slip the baffle over the Pole

This construction is similar to torpedo baffle, described above. If you can find 24″ long one, just buy it.  Unlike small squirrel devices, big DIY or factory made baffles really work. The squirrels crawl up inside the stove, and the raccoons unsuccessfully try climb around it. In both cases the feeder is absolutely unreachable.

Raccoons and suet feeders

suet feeder should be raccoon proof

Raccoons are able to loosen the mesh or lift up the lid of this feeder

Suet is an energy dense food that is readily eaten not only by birds, but also by raccoons and squirrels. Thus, the feeder must have a sufficient toughness reserve and a complex lock. Otherwise, a squirrel, and even more so a raccoon will be able to pull the metal grate loose on one side or open the lid.

Cedar cuet upside-down feeders are good choice, they naturally eliminate nuisance birds grackles that are not comfortable hanging upside-down. You just need to hang the feeder firmly on a branch or pole. A coon can’t get suet from a sturdy feeder, especially when he hangs upside down. But it will definitely try to move the feeder away. For more safety, hang suet feeder to pole protected with raccoon torpedoes, plastic pipes or baffles.

Spicy bird seed mixes

spicy bird seed mixes

Spicy bird seed mixes are safe for birds and burning hot for mammals

For most songbirds hot pepper is safe and they can’t taste it. For example, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture, bird pepper (like any other hot pepper) is harmless to birds. But raccoons and other mammals will avoid your bird feeder after tasting burning-hot food a few times. Hot peppers have varying levels of capsaicinoids which make them hot. But you can effectively use what you have. For instance, cayenne pepper is also commonly used as a raccoon deterrent, and you can make your own hot mix.

All you need is to sprinkle dried pepper flakes onto seed and mix it. Optionally, spray the seed with an aerosol oil before applying the pepper. It will prevent blowing away ground pepper by wind. When using ground pepper, avoid breathing in the powder and wash your hands immediately afterward.